Hey Kathi, just wanted to give you a real thanks for all the things you have taught me about eating and with the help of a calorie counter website on the computer, I have been doing great. I lost 9 lbs and 8 1/2″. I work out everyday and eat right, tell myself I love myself and that I can do this and it’s working! I am doing great – shooting for 30 lbs. by March and I am going to dit it :) so thank you again. Jessie L Moxxor seems to be having a good impact on my recovery times from hard workouts and I also seem to have more energy/alertness…..I ordered the monthly recurring order to save 20% . Lisa is having a lot of improvement with her allergies(Amazon Herb Co.’s environzon) so overall we are pretty siked about these new products. Thanks!               J. Butler

My Dr. asked me what I was doing differently to lower my cholesterol. I told him, “nothing.” He said, “well, you are doing something because we have tried everything over the last 4 years and nothing has worked.” I said, “Oh yeah! I’m taking Moxxor!”
S. Kendall

Hey Kathi! Order me some of those pills (Amazon Herb’s Sumacazons) u gave me. They are great. I ran out today and I realized my hip hasn’t bothered me.   
T. Darok

I have been thinking about doing something like a “care Plan” for myself.  There’s so much to work on that I need to get to what’s most important right now.  Need to make goals and be very specific.  I need a life coach and I want you to be my coach!  I like what I see in you and I want some of that!  We have some similarities in our childhood and I want to know more about exactly how you dealt with it and have such a good outcome.  See ya Friday! 
D. Trego

Jump Start Your Metabolism Workshop….  Hey Kathi!  Thought I’d let you know that I appear to be losing weight more successfully by taking your tips rather than using the WW points system.  I had lost 5 pounds on WW and was completely stuck there.  I was ready to break out the chocolate again!!  Anyway, after your class, I stopped counting points, began eating more food, but higher quality (generally) food.  I got on the scale the other day thinking I’d probably gained back the little that I had lost because I was eating more and never feeling “starved.”  I had even caved a couple of times (a chocolate pb milkshake in Hershey Park, for example).  Amazingly, I lost another 5 pounds without really trying! Well, thought I’d let you know that I’m still plugging away at these post baby(ies)  pounds and doing well with your tips. Thanks!
Joanna P.

Hey Kathi! Do you want a commercial? I feel 10 years younger! I want to tell every one about Sumacazons! They are the bomb! Tim D For 5 years, I did everything to lower my cholesterol – nothing worked until Moxxor. I take 1/day and my good cholesterol is 45!  Thank you Kathi for your support.
Sharon K.

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